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key west 4 seat electric car
zenn electric car
zenn car with sun roof

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The Key West Review


The newest, “hippest” way to get around Key West has recently been spotted on Duval Street.

Inspired by the clean air movement, these silent, open-air machines are much more than a golf cart, sporting an advanced suspension package that would make a NASCAR driver look twice. “They are very, very quiet” commented an elderly onlooker, “It meshes with Key West very nicely” she added. These cars are much safer than a scooter and are easier to find parking for than a regular car. The owner of a local parking lot was quoted as saying “We charge a lot less for those new electric cars because they take up a lot less space.” He isn’t kidding, the foot print of these machines is less than half of the average compact car. They really zip along too. As of October 2008 Electric Car Rentals Key West has Daimler Chrysler GEM Cars, the all new Zenn Electric Car from Canada and specialty electric cars that resemble hummers and classic cars. Call Electric Car Rentals Key West at 305-295-7777.

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